Wilson croisé Beagle
Je l’aime, je le stérilise


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  5. Date de naissance: 01-01-2003
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  9. Lieu: - Le Poiré sur Vie (85)

Décédé :(
me parrainer

History / Description

Wilson : Beagle cross : D.o.B 2003 Chipped, not neutered. Meet Wilson, he was saved from euthanasia after his period in the pound came to an end he is now in foster care awaiting adoption. Wilson comes with baggage, we think he has spent his life in a kennel but is with his fosters family who have taught him to be clean and lead trained him. He needs a home that will offer him a cosy basket by the fireside so that he can see out his twilight years in comfort and secure in the knowledge that he is loved. A secure garden is a must. This old boy needs your help, if you cannot adopt then sponsor this old man