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  5. Date de naissance: 14-07-2010
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)


Kenny est un vieux toutou qui vient du fin fond de la Roumanie. C’est un chien qui a du caractère, plutôt indépendant, qu’il faudra venir voir plusieurs fois au refuge avant adoption, car il peut mettre un certain temps à accorder sa confiance. Il a appris à se promener en laisse, il ne tire pas, mais réagit aux voitures et vélos. Un environnement calme en campagne sera donc à privilégier. Pour ce qui est des autres manipulations comme le toilettage, il lui faudra encore un peu de temps. Face à ses congénères, il ne réagit pas, il pourrait probablement s’entendre avec les femelles. Avec les chats, il s’est montré peu curieux mais cela peut être aussi dû au contexte. Il sera donc utile de faire des présentations, de laisser le temps à chacun de se connaître. Avant de vous déplacer, surtout si vous habitez loin, nous vous conseillons de nous contacter, par Messenger principalement (Facebook), ou par mail/téléphone.

History / Description

Kenny Estimated D of B 14/07/2010 Kenny arrived at the refuge 19/10/2020 He is a kind dog with many good qualities, happy and affectionate, always ready with a waggy tail, He does not seem to mind other dogs if they are not aggressive with him and the same for cats, he appears not to be interested, loves going for his walks, mind he does pull on the lead, still a bit head shy so we do not use a harness on him, he goes out of his kennel like a bat out of hell ( very puppy like) excited to be going out, but once on his walk he calms down and walks very nicely, So what’s not to like, nothing really, you just have to gain his trust and he returns the affection willingly, around 12 years of age, he does not have a huge life span, he just needs a family that will care for him for his last years, we would say no young children, say under 12, he can be a bit bouncy, a secure garden and maybe another female sterilised dog as he is now too old to castrate When he arrived, he was a frightened dog with no idea what had happened to him, rescued from the Hell Hole of Romania, travel for 36 hrs confined in a cage, no wonder he was confused, a bit growly but not aggressive, he just needed a few days to decompress. you have to wonder what his life was like on the streets, captured in the most horrific way and thrown into a Public shelter to fight and fend for himself to survive, fortunately for him a volunteer with a local refuge saw him and managed to get him out of there to a place he did not have to fight for food, in fact was guaranteed food every day. So it took a while for him to trust again, when he knows you are not going to hurt him, what a different dog, he does not like lorries or cars passing him on a walk, he gets very frightened, memories of his past life. In the Park, at liberty he can be very playful and is happy for you to throw a ball or Kong and he is happy for you to take it back and repeat the game. Can you find a way to open your doors and heart to a dog that has had a rough life and just wants to be loved? Contact Association Galia on email :, (French or English or demand an adoption, on this link it does not commit you to any thing just registers your interest in Kenny