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  5. Date de naissance: 01-09-2011
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)



Manni est très calme, doux et câlin. Il s’entend avec ses congénères et ne dit rien aux chats. Il est très facile à vivre. Il connaît le « assis », « couché » et donne la patte. Il est agréable à promener en laisse. Bien que nous n’aimions pas cette expression, nous pouvons dire qu’il est « prêt à l’emploi ». Qui peut lui ouvrir sa porte? Pour au moins le prendre en accueil, en attendant qu’il soit adopté.

History / Description

Manni : Labrador cross born September 2011 Manni is very calm, sweet and cuddly. He gets along with other dogs, both male and female and ignores cats. He would be very easy to live with. He knows the commands "sit", "lie down" and gives his paw. He is a joy to walk on a lead. Manni has just celebrated his 7th birthday. Although we do not like this expression, we can say that he is "ready to go". Who can open their heart and their home to him? or at least take him home in foster, until he is adopted. This chap will be a wonderful addition to your family, he has no aggression but has love to give in the bucketful He has no idea why he is in the refuge; it is all so bewildering to him. Should he catch your eye you can further enquiries can be made by email on