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  8. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)


Mushu est un gros nounours adorable !!! En balade il est un peu indépendant, une fois arrivé en box, il demande des câlins, autant que possible! Il adore être brossé on pourrait y passer des heures. Il adore les humains. Encore un amour !! Il pèse (à peu près) 20 kilos. Il s’entend avec ses congénères et ne dit rien aux chats.

History / Description

Mushu : The Hairy One Born : 05/01/2010 : vaccinations up to date, flea and worms done and neutered Hello my name is Mushu and I live at the Galia refuge and have been here since September 2018, that is a long time in dog years to be in a kennel, I have had quite a few friends to share my kennel with and they have all been adopted, people come to the refuge and pass me by, I don’t know why that is, I am a gentle dog respectful of all other female and male dogs, not bothered by the cats that are at liberty here, clean in my box and happy to go for a walk or play in the park, so, yes I pull a bit in my eagerness to go out but I soon find other things of interest, lots of thing to smell on my walks so I forget about pulling So what about it folks come and have a look at me instead of the other dogs, I suppose because I am hairy people think they have to send me to the beauty parlour but if I am brushed regularly my coat is just fine, I am overweight but that just because I need more exercise. The volunteers tell me I am beautiful and have a beautiful heart. If you want to adopt me or Foster me please please send an email to the refuge, English or French, Or even better come and give me a cuddle