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  7. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


La belle themis nous fait craquer en faisant ses yeux doux. Elle est anxieuse au refuge et a besoin d’être rassurée et vient se sécuriser entre nos jambes. Elle est jeune donc dynamique mais elle est très à l’écoute de l’homme donc son éducation se fera avec plaisir et avec une belle relation. Elle adore également les câlins et donne beaucoup d’amour.

History / Description

Themis Labrador x RetrieverDate of birth approx. 2 yrs old : due to be sterilised 18th Marchthe beautiful Themis is just a little cracker with her soft eyes and the need for affection. She is a little anxious at the refuge and needs reassurance and comes forward for cuddles and often between your legs. She is young and dynamic but she is very attentive to people so her education will be done with pleasure as she is happy to listen and learnShe seems OK with the cats in the cattery but that is never a conclusive test but the sign were fairThermis is in the refuge at Fontenay le Comte, Southern Vendee, dept 85, please come and see her, you will find it hard to resist her charms..If she is the dog for you then do not hesitate to contact the Association on assogalia85@gmail.com or complete the form, demand an adoption, it does not commit you to anything but registers your interest