Déjà adopté(e)
Je l’aime, je le stérilise


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  4. Age:
  5. Date de naissance: 01-11-2013
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Anouck a déjà passé 1/3 de sa petite vie en box! La pauvre, c’est très triste. Pourtant, cette chienne est très belle et très gentille chienne. Elle est obéissante et affectueuse. Elle sera très proche de son maître. Très attentive, son seul but est de faire plaisir. Elle se comporte comme un border. Elle est plutôt dominante envers ses congénères. Venez la rencontrer, elle mérite vraiment qu’on s’intéresse à elle! Elle supporte de moins en moins l’enfermement et dépérit dans son box. A l’aide!

History / Description

Anouck : Border cross Setter Date of birth: 01/11/2013, Size: Medium Anouck is a young girl of just over 1 year, she has spent a 3rd of her little life in the refuge, she has served her time and she needs a home !!!! she has a lot of Border traits but looks more Setter and has the behaviour of one, she is obedient and willing to please, kind and gentle, she is OK with other male dogs, not tested with females or cats. In her kennel she is very good, takes her treats without snatching and will sit and waits for her food bowl, if a little eager. She is untrained but a quick learner and although she pulls on the lead initially she then walks quite well, she needs a family that will be prepared to educate her, she is a softie really and needs a loving home and people she can call her own. A secure garden is required.