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Benji OK chiens mâles

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  8. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Benji est arrivé au refuge suite à un abandon. Il vivait dans des conditions déplorables.


Benji est un très gentil chien. Craintif au départ, il apprécie qu’on s’occupe de lui et est devenu proche des humains qu’il connaît. Jeune, ce toutou ne demande qu’à reprendre confiance et fera un super chien de famille. Venez le rencontrer, passer un moment avec lui. Qui sait, Benji est peut-être le compagnon qu’il vous faut!

History / Description

Benji : Labrador/Newfi Date of Birth : Approx 18 months Chipped, vaccinated and to be neutered before adoption Benji was abandoned after living in deplorable conditions, he is a very nice dog and was very apprehensive upon arrival, but as each day goes by he becomes very close to people who care for him. He enjoys his walks and is not a puller after a few minutes and walk quite happily with another male dog He is young and could be the perfect family pet if you have the time to invest in his education and future, he is OK with other dogs but shows a lot of interest in cats, we will test with cats further down the line when he is more confident and when he trusts people better. You just have to feel so sorry for this fellow he has missed out on his puppyhood and has not known love until he came to the refuge. Come on guys, come and see him you will not be disappointed.