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  5. Date de naissance: 24-02-2012
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Cette superbe chienne aime les câlins! Elle est très douce, très gentille et ne tire pas en laisse. C’est un amour! Elle cherche le contact humain, elle sera très proche de ses maîtres. Elle vous attend!
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History / Description

Caline : Great Dane Date of Birth : 24/02/12 What a Stunning looking Girl She is a very adorable girl and came from the Pound, she is ok with males and females. She does not pull on the lead and is a dream to walk, She seeks contact and responds to a cuddle and love. Good in the car. Despite her size the Great Dane is not a dog that needs loads of exercise, a couple of good walk a day and a garden she can playing and sun herself, they are by nature a gentle dog that want affection and cuddles, If you are a lover of Big Dogs then this is the girl for you