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Ghost OK chiennes OK chiens mâles

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  8. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Ghost arrive de fourrière.


Ghost est un gentil pépère qui fera un super compagnon! Il aime les humains, les chiens mâles et femelles. Les chats? Il les observe sans agressivité! Il connaît très bien les ordres de base. Très gentil, il adore faire des câlins et jouer! Ce toutou fait 40 kilos, 40 kilos pleins d’amour!

History / Description

Ghost : Date of Birth : 2012 Chipped, vaccinated and to be neutered Ghost came from the Pound after being found wandering, He is a 40 kilo dog, 40 kilos full of love! OK with other dogs males and females, he just watch's the cats without aggression. House trained, none destructive and OK in the car, He is a clever dog, he can open doors if there is food involved. Ghost pulls on the lead and a harness might be better for him, here is a ready made family dog, all the basics are there, sit and comes when called but he will need a secure garden where he can run and play. At the refuge he is no trouble at all, takes his treats with gentleness and always come to the front of his box for a love and cuddle. Come on folks this is a super dog just waiting for you....