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  5. Date de naissance: 01-01-2016
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  9. Lieu: - Vix (85)



Ce gros pépère est adorable avec les humains. Les bénévoles du refuge l’adorent. Il est très facile chez le vétérinaire également. Il s’entend avec les femelles et les mâles au caractère souple. Il est en famille d’accueil: propre et sage en maison, il marche également très bien en laisse. Il est très affectueux. Un copain/une copine chien dans sa famille pour la vie sera un plus pour l’aider à prendre ses marques. Les absences peuvent le stresser, sa famille d’accueil travaille sur ce point. Beaucoup d’autres chiens ont appris avant lui, cela ne peut pas être un élément bloquant pour son adoption!

History / Description

We would like to introduce you to Mistral : x Shepherd born 1/01/2016 I am not a fluffy small dog, I am a fluffy Big dog. I have always lived in a house and then one day my people took me to Galia and left me.. I was devastated, what had I done wrong, why had my family gone.... All questions I kept asking myself as do all the other dogs in the refuge. But is was not so bad after a few weeks, my poorly ears were treated and that made me feel better I can tell you, people would take me out for a walk, that was the best, I just loved them all, wanted to be hugged and kissed. Then one day a kind family offered to take me home in Foster, well I was well chuffed, pulled like a steam train to leave the refuge, when I got there I had a big garden, a swimming-pool, a cosy bed and best of all people to take care of just me. I found a few gaps in the fences, that was fun, not for my people though, they had to higher the fences.. All went well, had a trainer come and help me adjust, but after a while I started to wonder if this Mum and Dad would abandon me and it caused me to become anxious Mistral is a happy boy with the fear of being abandoned, we understand why, Mistral is a joy to walk and gets on well with other dogs on the lead; He is and always has been excellent indoors, is always clean during the day and all through the night and is very loving, loyal and affectionate. He is brilliant with people the more the merrier, he just loves company. He is not a greedy dog, he never begs from the table. He is well behaved in the car He just requires constant human contact, Mistral also needs to have a decent size garden which is very secure, as he likes chasing/barking at passing tractors and white vans, he may bark and chase around, but as soon as anyone comes through our gate, he makes instant friends with them, offering them his paw, his way of saying Bonjour Mistral is currently with his Foster family near Fontenay le Comte, Vendee 85, he is Chipped, vaccinated, castrated and flea and worm treatment are up to date He is a big dog but just a cuddle monster really, please give him a chance If he could be of interest please contact the association on