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  5. Date de naissance: 20-10-2016
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay Le Comte (85)


Voici Riley, Apollon réincarné! Ce superbe chien a un très grand coeur. Il est vraiment très gentil, attachant et proche des humains à qui il fait de très gros câlins, une fois en confiance. Il est jeune et joueur! Il aura besoin de dépense quotidienne mentale et physique afin d’être bien dans ses pattes. Il est joueur. Il connaît les ordres de base et est propre. Il a un bon rappel. Il peut aboyer lorsqu’il croise un chien en laisse. RIley fait 20 kilos. Il avait été adopté mais suite à la séparation de ses maîtres, il revient à l’adoption. Il souffre beaucoup d’être en cage et ne comprend pas ce qu’il a fait de mal pour être emprisonné. C’est un vrai choc émotionnel, à l’aide pour ce petit!
Conditions d’adoption: jardin

History / Description

This is Riley, Apollo reincarnated! This handsome chappie has a very big heart. He is really very endearing and loves to get close to you for lots of cuddles and attention, once he has gained confidence in you. He is young and full of energy! He will need daily mental and physical exercise in order to feel well in his paws. He's very playful. His foster family has begun his education but it will, of course, need to be maintained and this must be consistent. He's still a big baby really and is learning all the time. When he's out on walks, he does have the tendence to bark at people and bikes but this is surely down to lack of confidence. During absences, he has another dog for company and neither barks nor cries. They have a lot of fun together! RIley is already 20kg. WARNING! A puppy is not a toy! The Border Collie is a breed with certain characteristics and it would be wise to find out more about this breed in order for it to be a successful adoption. In short, patience, love and understanding are an absolute must when a new companion is welcomed into the home. Remember, adoption is a 10 to 15 year commitment.