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  8. Lieu: - La Chaize Le Vicomte (85)

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Anouk arrive de fourrière.


En plus d’être superbe, Anouk est un adorable pépère, qui s’entend avec ses congénères. Il attend en box, qu’on veuille bien lui donner la chance de partager des moments tendres au sein d’un foyer aimant et à l’abri. Accordez-lui cette chance, Anouk n’a pas sa place au refuge. Maintenant, il est temps pour lui de souffler et de vivre paisiblement.

History / Description

Anouk : HuskyDate of Birth : 2006Chipped, vaccinated and entireOK so I am old but apart from arthritis in my back legs I am as fit as a flea according to my Vet, heart, lungs and my joy of life are all still good and intact.... These people at the refuge are very nice and they feed me nice things, the other day I has a Steak Hache yum yum but it is nothing like having my own family to love, I miss my life of freedom with a garden to roam in and a family that brushed and loved me and I do not know why they threw me out and put me on the scrap heap why I am in this box without anyone to love me. The volunteers say that I will get another home with people that will caress me and take me for walk, they don't have to be long walks as I am getting on but I would love a basket by the fireside for the winters.Anouk needs a home to see out his days in comfort, he has not settled at the refuge and as Winter is coming it is not the place for him, Can you find a place?? A Foster Family or better still an adoption.....