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Je l’aime, je le stérilise


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  8. Lieu: - Mouilleron en Pareds (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Anouk a été sauvé de l'euthanasie en fourrière par Galia.


Anouk est un petit père tranquille mais encore très en forme! Il aime jouer, les gros câlins avec de longues caresses! Il est très calme en voiture. Il est propre et sage en maison. Il marche très bien en laisse. C’est un toutou parfait en somme. Il vous attend…

History / Description

Anouk : Labrador DoB : 10 years Chipped, vaccinated Anouk arrived from the Pound, a lovely fellow, gentle and easy on the lead, he is just very confused with the change of his circumstances, his environment but is beginning to settle into refuge life, he is quiet and fond of cuddles and hugs, you have to wonder what a fine dog like this finds his way to a refuge, there is nothing to dislike about him, yet to be tested with other dogs and cats Watch this space, he might be 10 but he is full of life and looks for a family who will love him, give him a comfy bed by the fireside, long walks and a garden to play and relax in. Come on this is the dog you have been looking for.....