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  5. Date de naissance: 07-09-2006
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  9. Lieu: - Apremont (85)

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History / Description

Belinda : D.o.B 07/09/2006 : Labrador cross Chipped and vaccinated Belinda, not the best picture in the world but she is a lovely dog, very calm and good natured, she is good with other dogs and cats. Currently in Foster care as refuge life would not suit her at all. Belinda arrived with her mother Ania following the departure of her owner into a retirement home. An adorable dog, calm and good natured but she is deaf, she is accustomed to deafness. She must have a secure environment. Have it in your heart to give this girl a home with a comfy bed and loving family, she will reward you with love and loyalty. Belinda need a garden that is secure, lots of hugs and cuddles and a kind family that can understand the needs of this lovely girl..