Déjà adopté(e)
Je l’aime, je le stérilise

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  5. Date de naissance: 01-04-2013
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  9. Lieu: - Chaillé les Marais (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Trouvé errant et menacé d'euthanasie en fourrière, il avait eu la chance de trouver une famille qui souhaitait l'adopter. Il faisait le bonheur des humains de cette famille mais pas celui du mâle déjà présent qui s'en est pris très violemment à lui à plusieurs reprises. C'est donc à contre-coeur que la famille nous a demandé de le replacer.


Charlot est un chien très attachant et qui s’attache aussi très vite.
Il est propre et sage en maison, il sait se tenir en voiture.
Il aura besoin d’une famille très présente car il n’aime pas rester seul.

History / Description

Charlot : Griffon cross : Date of birth 01/04/2013 Medium size, vaccinated, chipped and neutered. Yes he is a boy...Charlot was found wandering as a puppy and taken to the Pound and threatened with euthanasia… his chance to find a family who wanted to adopt came very quickly but was attacked by the older dog in the family several times and finally he was returned to Galia. It was with many tears and regret that he was surrendered. He is currently in Foster care and has had his faith restored with other dogs, good with cats and children, he loves to play football, he is house trained and lead trained and travels in the car without any problems. Our Foster family say ’very cuddly dog, an adorable ball of tenderness which will please a family, kids love Charlot, He is very close to people’ This fellow wants a family who will continue to educate him, love and play with him, he is so ready to join his new forever family