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  5. Date de naissance: 01-09-2013
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  9. Lieu: - Brigueil Chantre (86)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Havane est un gentil chien un peu foufou. Il est très affectueux et adore les câlins. Encore jeune, il a besoin de beaucoup se dépenser et de courir donc une maison avec jardin serait préférable. Il n’est pas fugueur et veut faire plaisir, il est donc très attentif. Il s’entend avec les chats mais ne sait pas trop comment s’y prendre du fait, il est un peu brute avec eux.

History / Description

Havane : Labrador cross : D.o.B 01/09/13 Vaccinated, chipped and will be neutered on adoption. Could be a bit of Weimaraner in there!! What a life in a foster home can do for a dog, when Havane arrived he was in such poor condition and now he is a stunning looking dog ... He is just over a year old and now in great condition thanks to the care he has received in his foster home. He is willing and now getting and education, he is no trouble with other dogs, OK with Cats when he get to know them. His foster family say 'Havana is a great dog !!! He might make mistakes sometimes but one can not help but love him. It knows quickly what is expected of him and he is not a runaway. He often goes walking in the field next to home, but returns quickly. This is a dog that needs to run, play to move very often. It is also very cuddly'. This fellow needs a chance in life, he would require a secure fenced garden, lots of love and walkies, you will have to be firm in his training period but he will come good and reward you with loyalty.