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Jiminy OK tout !

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  5. Date de naissance: 28-08-2014
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay Le Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


Jiminy arrived with his brothers at the age of 4 months and although he is adorable, he is always there !!! This is really incomprehensible. It is very sociable that it is with its congeners or humans. He loves learning and is always ready to make fun, he is always happy and he likes to play ball very well. It is clean, nice, waiting at the entrance to the door to clean the legs when it rains, waits long before eating, knows sitting, lying, standing. He knows how to stay alone without making any mistakes and it is OK cats !! – BRIEF Jiminy is really great and it would be time he finally finds his family.


This is a test video posted by the webmaster, it does not feature the adopted animal.

History / Description

JIMINY, puppy Labrador cross Date of Birth 28/08/14 and apart from a short Foster he has spent all his short life in the refuge........This is a well balance dog. He is very smart, house trained and asks to go out. He knows the sit and down commands. An endearing little action, he sits on the mat by the door for you to wipe his feet!! Jiminy behaves well, listens and learns very quicklyHe loves walking and is OK on the lead; He is fine with cats and rabbits.Jiminy will make a good family pet, he will need a good secure garden to run off some of his energy and a family that will continue his education and provide him with the love and attention that he deserves.