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Diana OK chiens mâles

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  5. Date de naissance: 01-01-2003
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  9. Lieu: - L'Isle Jourdain (85)

Décédé :(
me parrainer


Diana a vécu toute sa vie au bout d'une chaine, sans soins et sans attention. Elle n'a connu que cette vie, elle a été rasée à certains endroits pour nettoyer ses plaies. Elle a des tumeurs mammaires.


Diana est un gentille chienne qui ne demande qu’à être aimée et qui veut être proche de l’humain, malgré son ancienne vie de misère. Elle n’est vraiment pas rancunière! Elle mérite maintenant un panier retraite, au chaud, à l’abri, entourée de maîtres qui l’aiment et la choyent pour lui permettre de couler ENFIN des jours heureux. Elle vous attend!

History / Description

Diana : Poodle crossDate of Birth 2002Diana was surrendered to the refuge by the family of her mistress who had died. She had spent her whole life on a chain with no care or attention, she only knew this life and her wounds were unattended and some of her coat had to be shaved to see the problems..She has a tumour on her mammary glands but this will be operated on ASAP. Diana is a nice dog that begs to be loved and who wants to be close to humans, despite her old life of misery. She is really not spiteful on the contrary she is very loving! Now she deserves a retirement basket, warm, sheltered and surrounded by people who will love, cherish and allow her know FINALLY happy days. She is currently in Foster Care. Diana needs a cosy basket and love and garden for her to stroll in and take the sun, she will be no trouble and will reward you with so much love...