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Kaplan OK chiennes OK chiens mâles Attention pas ok chat !

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  2. Race: ,
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  4. Age:
  5. Date de naissance: 01-02-2016
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  9. Lieu: - La Caillère (85)


Kaplan est très gentil. Il est calme et très câlin. Il s’entend avec les femelles et les mâles. Il est sage en voiture. Il pèse 20 kilos (mais doit se remplumer un peu). Il aime courir après les chats. Tout se passe très bien dans sa famille d’accueil. Il serait bien qu’il trouve sa famille définitve pour enfin se poser. Il vous attend…

History / Description

Kaplan : Border cross Born 01/02/2016 Kaplan arrived at the refuge in March this year, a tall gangly adult with a puppy brain, all legs, cuddles and no manners at all, did not know what a lead was. Fast forward some months and what a difference. His foster family have done a huge amount of work with him and taught him how to behave with humans and other dogs, he understands the basic commands now and has very good recall, OK with all other dogs, OK horses, cats are a different thing he will run after them.. Not totally perfect but getting there. Clean in the house. So, it is time for him to move on and find his family for life, he will need a good amount of exercise both physical and mental. A secure garden, lots of love, attention and playtime Could you find a place for him, could you be the family that bring him on to his full potential?? Kaplan can be seen at his Foster family close to Fontenay le Comte, you can make an enquiry in English on Should you wish to adopt him then please complete the form on the link below, it does not commit you to anything, just registers your interest in him, you will be contact by an English-speaking person from the Association.