Je l’aime, je le stérilise

Menzo OK chiennes OK chiens mâles

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  5. Date de naissance: 20-05-2016
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  9. Lieu: - Nantes (44)


Arrivé de fourrière.


Menzo est en famille d’accueil où tout se passe bien. C’est un chien très affectueux et très proche des humains. Il est OK congénères. Il ne tire pas en laisse et a un très bon rappel. C’est un toutou très agréable à vivre.

History / Description

Menzo: Border Collie cross Born 20-05-2016 Menzo cries whenever he has to return to his box, volunteers are obliged to carry's horrible !! He can not stand confinement at all. Even the park does not ease his pain and distress, what he wants is to be with humans! he is a very nice dog. It does not pull on a leash. Menzo is very cuddly and affectionate. He does bother the refuge cats crossed during his walks. He must be taken out of the of the refuge very quickly before his spirit is too affected. A foster would be good or even better and adoption...! Help!