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  4. Age:
  5. Date de naissance: 02-10-2002
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  9. Lieu: - Fontenay Le Comte (85)
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La maîtresse de Nina est décédée.


Nina est une jolie petite chienne qui est adorable. Elle est très douce. Nina est un peu sourde. Elle peut vivre avec d’autres chiens sans aucun problème.

History / Description

Nina : Papillon cross Date of birth : 02/10/2002 : small 4 kilo Vaccinated, sterilized and identified The owner of Nina died and she suddenly finds herself alone and has lost her mummy, she is confused. This is a lovely little dog who is adorable and is sweet natured. Nina is a little deaf but that comes with age. She is currently in Foster care, good with other dogs and cats and is looking for a family who can give her a basket by the fireside to see out her final years but that could be a while yet.