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RENLEY OK chiennes OK chiens mâles Attention pas ok chat !

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  4. Date de naissance: 06-08-2016
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  8. Lieu: - Fontenay-le-Comte (85)
Déjà Adopté(e)


RENLEY C’est un chien adorable et gentil qui mérite sa propre famille qui l’aimera, le soignera et lui donnera l’attention nécessaire pour qu’il progresse.
Récemment, il a interagi avec de nombreux autres chiens dans une pension locale, voici ce qu’ils en disent
Renley est un garçon merveilleux et indépendant qui peut être timide dans de nouveaux environnements et avec de nouvelles personnes. Il prend confiance assez rapidement, surtout avec d’autres chiens (mâles ou femelles) après une introduction en douceur.
Il aime jouer avec d’autres chiens plus joueurs, mais il aime aussi avoir son propre espace tranquille pour se détendre. Il marche bien en laisse mais peut encore être anxieux près du trafic et des choses qui bougent vite.
Il cherche sa famille… quelle que soit la famille chanceuse qui l’adoptera, elle gagnera un super et loyal compagnon pour la vie.
Il aura besoin d’un jardin bien clôturé. *Pas de chats*, Si vous pouvez lui offrir un environnement rassurant et poursuivre le développement de ce petit amour, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.



History / Description

RENLEY arrived at the refuge October 2020 , he was very timid and did not understand his new environment, however after a week he had destressed enough to go for a walk and we found he was scared of everything, especially strange things and loud sounds Renley went to a foster family and his adventure began, he was timid and scared but never aggressive. For the first weeks stayed in the hallway with his blanket, he slept and had his food there, he was given time to decompress. After that he slowly started exploring his home and garden but it took a couple of months for him to brave sitting on the sofa with his foster mama.. . Each week he has progressed enormously, becoming more confident, playful, curious and open to human/dog interaction. He is very clean in the house and ok at home alone for short periods. He is a lovely and kind dog and has become a loving dog who is deserving his own family who will love, care, give him the attention Recently he has been interacting with many other dogs at a local pension, this is what they say “Renley is a wonderful and independent boy who can be timid in new environments and with new people. He does however gain confidence quite quickly, especially around other dogs ( Male or female ) after gentle introduction. He loves to play with other more playful dogs but also enjoys his own quiet space to relax. He walks well on the leash but can still be anxious near traffic and fast-moving things. He is looking for his family.. whoever are the lucky ones to adopt him they will gain a super and loyal companion for life. He will need a well-fenced garden. No cats please, If you want to provide a reassuring environment and continue the development of this little love, do not hesitate to contact us.