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Voici la petite Vanille. Cette petite mamie a juste besoin d’un panier retraite, à l’abri et entourée d’amour. Elle est calme et propre en maison. Elle s’entend avec ses congénères et les chats. Vu son âge, elle commence à moins entendre et ses yeux deviennent opaques, c’est bien normal. Elle est adorable. A l’aide pour Vanille!

History / Description

Meet Vanille, a really cute Bichon Frise. She is approximately 12 years old and ok with cats, dogs and children. Chipped, vaccinated and sterilized. She was found by her foster mum and has been there ever since, a face that has been forgotten. Now her foster mum is going to lose her house and has no more money for the care of her pets. Vanille needs calm. She loves to go for short walks. She is as cute as anything. A very well fenced garden is a must because she likes to escape. An older girl with the usual age problems, her anal glands can get clogged and on her visits to the vet they are checked and unclogged if required. She is looking for a retirement basket in a nice warm and loving family, could this be you ?